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  • A tasty interview wardrobe on a Ramen noodle budget

    Find out how to get dressed up and still have money for Friday night

    It’s time for the big interview. Killer resume? Check. Glowing references? Check. Impeccable oral hygiene? Fresh, minty check. All you need now are some nice clothes... Read >

  • Ambitious and nutritious

    How to succeed at being a lean, mean accounting machine

    Even though accounting and health are two words not often heard in the same sentence, don’t run to the registrar’s office and change your major to phys ed to save your waistline just yet. Here are four tips on how to stay healthy while becoming a well-seasoned CPA. Read >

  • Get LinkedIn to your network

    How to put this professional platform to work for you

    Your online presence is a big deal. A solid LinkedIn profile is an easy first step to putting a professional foot forward. Read >

  • Mind your (digital) manners

    Keep your tweets professional and your emojis at home

    From saying “please” and “thank you” to not talking with your mouth full, some etiquette rules won’t ever change. These are easy ones to follow. Unfortunately, guidelines for the workplace are not as clear – and seemingly always evolving. Read >

  • On your best behavior

    Etiquette tips to be top dog at the office

    Success in the workplace means more than just showing up and completing expected tasks. Office etiquette and co-worker interaction is also an important part of your workplace performance, and it isn’t always easy. Read >

  • Resume writing 101

    What you need to know to make your first resume remarkable

    Experience. Along with education and the exam, it’s one of the E’s of CPA licensure requirements, and you can’t get it without an internship or entry-level job. But to land a good job, you need a solid resume. Here's five tips to help you do just that. Read >

  • Technology skills for the accounting student's toolbox

    Strong technical backgrounds can help aspiring CPAs stand out in the job market

    Ever-evolving technology is changing the way accountants do their jobs, and recent graduates with a background in both accounting and information technology are prized recruits. Read >

  • The shy person’s guide to building smart relationships

    Study up on some tips to become a better networker

    Does the idea of a room filled with strangers make you want to find a dark corner to curl up in and hide? You aren’t alone; not every future CPA is a natural-born schmoozer. Read >

  • The softer side of CPA

    Why soft skills are key to career success

    Let’s play a game: We’ll ask you a question, and you think of the first thing that pops in your head. Then, we’ll try to guess what it is. Ready? Let’s go … Read >

  • Brush up your initial impact

    Tips to freshen your first impression

    With a little practice, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward instead of putting your foot in your mouth. Here are some surefire ways to make sure that you stand out (in a good way) regardless of what foot you put forward first. Read >

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