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  • Brush up your initial impact

    Tips to freshen your first impression

    With a little practice, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward instead of putting your foot in your mouth. Here are some surefire ways to make sure that you stand out (in a good way) regardless of what foot you put forward first. Read >

  • LinkedIn offers path to career advancement

    A viable path to professional networking through integrated connections and activities

    While Facebook offers an always-on way to connect with friends and build a community, LinkedIn presents the professional side of social networking. There are no games, personal photos or lists of favorite movies like there are on Facebook. Instead, LinkedIn offers a viable path to professional networking through integrated connections and activities, all designed to boost your circle of contacts. Read >

  • Networking for success

    Tips for meeting people who might help build your career

    Scott H. Cytron, ABC, from Cytron and Company says networking is a lot like the accounting profession – there are many ways to get to the end result. The bottom line, though, is to try and meet as many people as possible who might help you build your career and further your business opportunities. Read >

  • The good, the bad and the ugly

    Telling right from wrong with your resume

    As with so many things in life, accounting resumes fall into a few simple categories. Most are okay. Some are terrific. And a few… whew! Let’s just say they’re lucky... Read >

  • You’ve got an in

    Groups to build your network quickly

    There’s the one-on-one method of meeting new people, and then there’s the one-on-250,000 way. Ready to make some instant friends and business contacts? Join up. On any campus, there’s a... Read >

  • Bridging the gap: possible stressors from generational differences

    Avoid initial job stress caused by generational differences

    There are many potential stressors of new hires joining a firm, ranging from performing competently to mastering company software. Read >

  • Distinguishing yourself in a tough economic environment

    Tips to standing out (in a good way)

    Today’s hiring environment? Tough, may be an understatement. However, the fact remains that there are still a great deal of employment opportunities available to highly qualified candidates. The exciting news is that as a student pursuing a degree in accounting, you are well on your way to fitting into that category of desirable candidates. Read >

  • From gown to suit

    Walking off campus and into a job

    Every year, hundreds, if not thousands of students get the call from a recruiter or an interviewer: "You’ve got the job." Here’s how you, too, can wind up picking up... Read >

  • Here goes something

    Getting ready for the big interview

    Nice work! You’ve scouted the position, submitted the resume, impressed the higher-ups and scheduled the interview. Sure, you’re going to think on your feet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t... Read >

  • Tips for transforming a temp job into a full-time gig

    Turn that short-term assignment into a permanent job

    Short-term assignments like accounting internships and contract work can be one of the best ways for an aspiring CPA to uncover that coveted job opportunity upon graduation. Read >

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