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  • Do something useful this summer

    Why an internship is triple important for CPA hopefuls

    You have to start somewhere in your path to career satisfaction. Fortunately, a well-chosen internship provides the perfect place to get underway. Here’s why an internship is more valuable than... Read >

  • Peon no more

    How to go from intern to insider

    There are two kinds of interns: the ones companies want to keep, and the ones they kinda wish they never hired. Hopefully, you want to be the former. You can... Read >

  • Ambitious and nutritious

    How to succeed at being a lean, mean accounting machine

    Even though accounting and health are two words not often heard in the same sentence, don’t run to the registrar’s office and change your major to phys ed to save your waistline just yet. Here are four tips on how to stay healthy while becoming a well-seasoned CPA. Read >

  • Bridging the gap: possible stressors from generational differences

    There are many potential stressors of new hires joining a firm, ranging from performing competently to mastering company software. For Millennials, initial job stress can increase due to generational factors at play of which new employees may not even be aware. Read >

  • Distinguishing yourself in a tough economic environment

    Today’s hiring environment? Tough, may be an understatement. However, the fact remains that there are still a great deal of employment opportunities available to highly qualified candidates. The exciting news is that as a student pursuing a degree in accounting, you are well on your way to fitting into that category of desirable candidates. Read >

  • From gown to suit

    Walking off campus and into a job

    Every year, hundreds, if not thousands of students get the call from a recruiter or an interviewer: "You’ve got the job." Here’s how you, too, can wind up picking up... Read >

  • Tips for transforming a temp job into a full-time gig

    Short-term assignments like accounting internships and contract work can be one of the best ways for an aspiring CPA to uncover that coveted job opportunity upon graduation. Read >

  • What accounting employers want

    Stock up on awesomeness in advance

    It’s impossible to check all the boxes on a potential employer’s wish list if you don’t know what those boxes are. Aside from passing the CPA exam beforehand, which is... Read >

  • What they didn’t tell me in college about finding a job

    Essential wisdom for your job search

    Most people know that they want to get a job after they graduate, but there aren’t really classes that teach you how to get that post-college dream job. Lucky for you, Lisa Wicker is happy to share all of the wisdom she acquired when she went through the job hunt. Read >

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