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Snagging an AICPA Legacy Scholarship

This year's timeline, plus an application checklist

Scholarships are one of the best ways to fund your education and the AICPA offers quite a few of them. In addition to receiving $1,000-$10,000 for school, 100+ annual recipients of AICPA Legacy Scholarships also become members of a prestigious group known as AICPA Legacy Scholars.

Whether you’re a community college student who’s transferring to a four-year accounting program, a graduate student who’s well on their way to becoming a CPA or somewhere in between, the AICPA has—potentially more than one—scholarship that’s right for you. You only need to submit one online application and you’ll be considered for all the AICPA Legacy Scholarships you are eligible for.

Scholarship Season Dates to Remember:

  • December 1st: Application opens.
  • March 15th: All applications must be submitted (in full) before 11:59 PM EST. No exceptions.
  • August 1st: AICPA Legacy Scholarships will be awarded on, or before, this date.
Timeline Checklist:

Here’s a timeline of everything you need to do—and when—to give yourself the greatest shot at receiving an AICPA Legacy Scholarship:

  • Now:
    • Become an AICPA Student Affiliate member for free. It’s a requirement for all applicants and comes with lots of benefits.
    • Check out the various scholarships the AICPA offers and review the requirements for each.
    • Update (or pull together) your resume. You’ll need one for the application. Want help? Get some tips for writing a remarkable resume, then visit your school’s writing or career resource center.
    • Obtain an unofficial copy of transcripts from your current institution as well as any prior community college or undergraduate institutions, if applicable.
    • If you’re not a U.S. citizen, secure a digital copy of your green card. It is a requirement.
    • Come up with two references who can speak on your behalf. At least one of them needs to be a faculty member or licensed CPA. Even though you don’t need recommendation letters just yet, go ahead and ask if they’d be willing to write one for you—and get their contact information so you’ve got it when you need it for your scholarship application.
  • December 1st (when applications open):
    • Check out the application submission requirements. Feel free to get started right away. After all, you can save and return to your online application at any point between now and the March 15th deadline.
  • December - March 15th:
    • Get started on your three short answer question responses.
    • Draft an introductory note to send to your references officially asking them for that recommendation letter. Consider reminding them who you are and what your accomplishments and experiences with them were. Then add your introductory note and your references’ contact information to your online application to request their recommendation letter. Remember to give your references time to submit their letter—letters of recommendation must be received by the 11:59 PM EST deadline on March 15.
    • Upload your transcripts and resume.
    • Submit everything *before* the 11:59 PM EST deadline on March 15.

Good time management skills can help divide the application process into bite-sized tasks that make it as easy as possible. After all, being the well-rounded, active student that you are, you’ve got plenty to juggle already. Staying on top of each step along the way can reduce your stress and increase your chances of turning in the most effective application possible. You’ll also want to be sure to give your entire application and short answer responses one final review before submitting it.

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