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  • Getting rid of the testing jitters

    Keeping your cool for the CPA Exam

    Just thinking about the CPA Exam strikes fear into the heart of many accounting students. So on the days right before the test, it’s normal to be a little nervous. Here are some tricks of the trade for keeping your cool before you ace the CPA Exam. Read >

  • How to keep your friends and family while studying for the CPA Exam

    As you study, make an effort to maintain relationships.

    Accounting graduates beginning to prep for the CPA Exam face many decisions ahead. They must determine when and where to study, how many hours to devote to the exam, and how to balance an already hectic schedule, particularly if they are already working in the profession Read >

  • Preparing for the CPA at square one

    Get the experience you need on your path to becoming a CPA

    So you’re interested in the CPA profession but you don’t have the degree or experience to get the job yet? Well there’s no replacement for getting the education you need, but acquiring a competitive advantage can be done in all sorts of ways. Consider a few of these ideas to give yourself a leg up on the competition upon graduation. Read >

  • Skip the drama and get registered for the Uniform CPA Examination

    Cliffs Notes to get you testing the right way, the first time

    The CPA Exam is one of the first steps you’ll take toward completing your mission of becoming a CPA. The registration process, however, can have as many characters and obstacles as a Shakespearian masterpiece. Here’s the Cliffs Notes version of who is involved and what needs to happen to get you testing the right way, the first time. Read >

  • Testing 1-2-3

    Know the basics of the CPA Exam before you start

    You spent a good portion of your college days in accounting classes. You’ve spent time working on the front lines of the accounting industry. Now it’s time to take the... Read >

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