As you prepare for the CPA Exam, it may not seem like the AICPA is your friend. We’ll admit it: it’s a tough test. A real friend wouldn’t give you a test like that. We know this. But we do try to give you as much help as we can to help make sure you succeed. Free tutorials. Bulletins that keep you informed about what’s changing. Content Specification Outlines (CSOs) that basically tell you what you’ll be tested on. And it’s free. Which may lead you to wonder whether it’s valuable or not. Trust us on this one: It’s worth your time.

Here are some links to must-have tools to get you prepped.

CPA Exam Booklet

If you're prepping for the exam now, you'll find all the answers to frequently asked questions as well a tips and resources in The Uniform CPA Examination booklet. Download the 2017 edition for an overview of the current exam and what to expect from the changes coming in 2017. 

CPA Candidate Bulletin

The most top-to-bottom, through-and-through (not to mention Official) handbook for people taking the exam. It covers how to apply, how and when to schedule the examination, what rules are in effect at test centers, when to expect scores, and what topics are covered on the examination. You’ll also find info on the examination structure, the roles of CPA Examination partners (the AICPA, NASBA, and Prometric), and board of accountancy contact information.

CPA Exam Blueprints

The exam blueprints are an outline of what will be tested on the next version of the exam, launching April 1, 2017. They detail the content knowledge and skills, as well as representative tasks you need to know to pass.

Exam tutorial 

The tutorial is your guided tour of the CPA Exam. It shows what to expect in terms of question types, what tools and resources you’ll have to work with and how to use them, and how you’ll navigate through the various parts of the exam. Note: The tutorial is not available at test centers and it does not contain actual exam content.

Exam sample tests

The sample tests offer a preview of the real exam experience, including the exam format and content and functionality. (It’s a good idea to review the exam tutorial to understand the functionality before you try the sample tests.) The sample test software lets you download and answer a set of multiple-choice questions for all sections, as well as a simulation for the sections that have them.


So just how is your fate determined? Here’s how.


We have them on everything. Take your pick:

New pronouncements policy

How soon after a new pronouncement is issued is its content eligible to be tested on the Uniform CPA Examination? Review the policy.

Please note: The AICPA does not publish examination review materials or endorse any specific review method or course. To obtain advice on whether to take a review course, which course to take, or which materials to buy, speak to faculty members or colleagues. Such recommendations are not available from the AICPA.