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  • Beyond collecting big paychecks

    What CPAs actually do

    CPA. Those three letters symbolize prestige, potential and a pretty sizeable salary. But what these professionals actually do ranges widely from one Certified Public Accountant to the next. Let’s start with the basics. Read >

  • Cha-ching cha-ching

    Get a glimpse of what CPAs earn

    If there’s one thing you will not be complaining about as a CPA, it’s your salary. Even new grads are offered a sizable sum. Here’s an overview of how your... Read >

  • Find your niche in accounting

    Choose from a long list of industries and specializations

    Ever heard of the buyer’s dilemma? It’s the theory that when shoppers are presented with too many choices – staring at 50 different brands of barbecue sauce in the grocery... Read >

  • Managing the bigger picture

    Mix financial analysis with business strategy as a management accountant

    CEOs need help getting a clear picture of the organization’s performance and where future business opportunities are. CPA-management accountants are the key players in shaping leadership decision-making and driving success across the organization. Read >

  • Over one million strong and growing

    Why the accounting profession will welcome you with open arms

    If you’re wondering whether or not becoming a CPA is a smart move in the long-term, fear not. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment of accountants and auditors will... Read >

  • Get trendy

    What’s in style for budding CPAs this year

    The accounting industry outlook is all good for college grads for the next several years—great news if you’ve decided to take the accounting path. But the news is even better... Read >

  • Should you become a CPA?

    Worth the hard work

    Andrew Lee operates a CPA Exam review materials website and knows a lot about becoming a CPA. He says, "Becoming a CPA is not for everyone. But if better pay, a more desirable position, and job security are important to you, I recommend you grab a book and start studying." Read >

  • Accounting for a cause

    Marry your passion with your CPA skills in the non-profit field

    If you’ve got a passion for the environment, animals, or education and also happen to really know your way around a balance sheet, then the non-profit industry is for you.... Read >

  • Become a globetrotting CPA

    How to get a job overseas

    Thinking about taking your skills as a CPA to an exotic foreign land? Good. Countries everywhere are clamoring for your knowledge on how to rock today’s global economy. But before... Read >

  • Professional point of view

    As accountants, do we bore our clients?

    While the reputation of CPAs as boring may well have been justified thanks to some of our green-visor, pocket-protector, slide-rule ancestors, in a future post I’ll talk about why the answer to whether accountants today are boring is a resounding “NO!” But the bigger question is: “Are we boring our clients?” Read >

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