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  • Find your niche in accounting

    Choose from a long list of industries and specializations

    Ever heard of the buyer’s dilemma? It’s the theory that when shoppers are presented with too many choices – staring at 50 different brands of barbecue sauce in the grocery... Read >

  • Managing the bigger picture

    Mix financial analysis with business strategy as a management accountant

    CEOs need help getting a clear picture of the organization’s performance and where future business opportunities are. CPA-management accountants are the key players in shaping leadership decision-making and driving success across the organization. Read >

  • What do you know about white-collar crime?

    Test your fraud IQ

    Do you think you have the know-how to sniff out the stink of organizational fraud? Try your hand at these questions. Read >

  • Accounting for a cause

    Marry your passion with your CPA skills in the non-profit field

    If you’ve got a passion for the environment, animals, or education and also happen to really know your way around a balance sheet, then the non-profit industry is for you.... Read >

  • The most stereotyped specialization out there

    Why you should take a closer look at tax

    It’s no secret that some people go out of their way to avoid a career in tax. That shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, since most college and CPA training... Read >

  • Finding your business soul mate

    Go corporate when you’re ready to settle down with one business or industry

    Jack of all trades, master of none? When you work as an auditor or consultant, you end up getting a crash course on all types of businesses – usually by... Read >

  • Is the grass greener in private industry?

    Knowing when to leave public accounting (or not)

    There are many reasons to join the fast-paced and exciting world of public accounting after college. Whether joining an audit team with a large multi-national firm or a small tax practice... Read >

  • Accounting’s biggest doorway

    Explore the endless options of a public accounting career

    Chances are, you’ll start your accounting career in the area of public accounting. From there, what happens is anyone’s guess. It all hinges on where your strengths and interests lie... Read >

  • Big budgets need big brains

    Join forces with Uncle Sam through a career in government

    While it may seem that some of our politicians don’t value CPAs too highly—what with our trillion-dollar deficit and all—the truth is the nation would be in a lot deeper... Read >

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