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  • Digging through the details

    Become an accounting detective by specializing in audit

    If there’s one thing companies have learned the hard way during the most recent financial crisis, it’s that they need to know exactly how, when and where they are spending... Read >

  • Is it worth it?

    The business valuation credential certainly is

    Imagine you’re a company that’s about to buy another company. You think they’re worth $100 million. They think they’re worth $150 million. Who’s right? No pressure. Only $50 million on... Read >

  • Saving humans from financial disaster

    Come to the rescue as a Personal Financial Specialist

    If you want to be a personal financial planner, set your sights on the most impressive acronym of them all: PFS. There are a lot of other financial planning certifications... Read >

  • Order in the court

    Rise above the law with a Certification in Financial Forensics

    If you’ve always wanted to work alongside Judge Judy, here’s your chance. Whether they’re actually in the courtroom or not (and they often are), forensic accountants are the CPAs who... Read >

  • Download knowledge that’s in demand

    Become a CITP: Certified Information Technology Professional

    If you want to be mega popular in the accounting world, become a CPA, CITP. The CITP—Certified Information Technology Professional—is beloved by employers because it means you’ve got the tech... Read >

  • Stay in school

    Use your CPA license to give back in education

    Practicing CPAs will tell you that one of the things they love about accounting is that it’s always changing and evolving. Which also makes it a great field for educators.... Read >

  • The most stereotyped specialization out there

    Why you should take a closer look at tax

    It’s no secret that some people go out of their way to avoid a career in tax. That shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, since most college and CPA training... Read >

  • Professional point of view

    "I (don't) see dead people..."

    What exactly is a forensic accountant? The term seems to be easily misunderstood, within and outside of the profession. Even among those who know enough to be quite certain that no embalming is involved, there is still some uncertainty as to exactly what kind of work a forensic accountant spends the day doing. Read >

  • Professional point of view

    An audience of Einsteins and Grandmas

    Forensic accounting is about as sexy as accounting gets. Immediately your audience envisions the latest episode of “CSI: Wherever” and a lone accountant amidst a maze of yellow crime-scene tape, dusting fingerprints off of a 10-key. Not surprisingly, this isn’t entirely accurate. Read >

  • Professional point of view

    CPE - Continuing Professional Excitement?

    There are a number of important reasons to consider forensic accounting as a career direction. But in addition to the big things, there are always those great little benefits that no one talks about until you’re within the ranks. Read >

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