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  • Should you become a CPA?

    Worth the hard work

    Andrew Lee operates a CPA Exam review materials website and knows a lot about becoming a CPA. He says, "Becoming a CPA is not for everyone. But if better pay, a more desirable position, and job security are important to you, I recommend you grab a book and start studying." Read >

  • Become a globetrotting CPA

    How to get a job overseas

    Thinking about taking your skills as a CPA to an exotic foreign land? Good. Countries everywhere are clamoring for your knowledge on how to rock today’s global economy. But before... Read >

  • Professional point of view

    As accountants, do we bore our clients?

    While the reputation of CPAs as boring may well have been justified thanks to some of our green-visor, pocket-protector, slide-rule ancestors, in a future post I’ll talk about why the answer to whether accountants today are boring is a resounding “NO!” But the bigger question is: “Are we boring our clients?” Read >

  • Startup accounting

    Capturing the numbers

    Startups have become an exceptionally popular topic lately, and they offer opportunities for future CPAs. Capturing the numbers is the first and most important step in accounting to make sure a startup grows up. This blog post focuses on the critical importance of capturing the numbers at startups and is the first in a 3-part series on Startup Accounting. Read >

  • CPA: three life-altering letters

    How the CPA license puts you on a different career path

    As an accounting student, you might be wondering if you need to spend the extra time and effort to get your CPA license. “Can’t I make a decent living as... Read >

  • Most important job ever?

    Why the world would implode without CPAs

    The world of business is getting more and more complicated: globalization, advancing technology, increased competition, new laws and regulations. Somebody has to sort it all out, and CPAs are the... Read >

  • So, you want to be your own boss?

    Get yourself ready to be a self-employed CPA

    You don’t want to work for The Man. You want to be The Man. Okay, great. The good news is that CPAs have skills they can sell to individuals and... Read >

  • Sporting busy season

    10 tips to bringing your "A" game

    Think of busy season as the Super Bowl of a CPA firm. CPAs spend a majority of the year planning, preparing, and training for this high stakes time of year. The major difference is that rather than one day of football, busy season lasts around 10 weeks. So it requires the stamina, endurance, and long-term focus of a marathoner. But it all comes down to the team working together to meet demanding client needs. Read >


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