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If it pertains to any of those three-letter combinations, you’ll find it here.

Before you dive in: All things CPA Exam

CPA Exam 101: What you need to know before you even start to study.

Know the basics of the CPA Exam before you start

You spent a good portion of your college days in accounting classes. You’ve spent time working on the front lines of the accounting industry. Now it’s time to take the...

Discover how the CPA Exam breaks down

You probably already know that the CPA Exam is a four-part affair. You take one section at a time, and then move on to the next one, all over the...

Find everything at the CPA Exam & Licensure Center

Get to know the basics and explore links to information straight from the sources you’ll need to know about.

Learn from those who've come before in CPA Exam diaries

Wondering what it's like to take the exam? Even better, wondering what it's like to take the exam and totally rock planning for the thing? Wonder no longer. These folks have done just that. And they're happy to tell you how.

Studying for the exam: In the thick of it

Everyone’s got their own advice for tackling the four sections. Here’s some from the folks who write it.

Considering CPA Exam reviews: Should you invest in extra study help?

Like every aspiring CPA, you’ve got a lot riding on the exam. The good news is that there are plenty of courses out there that can help.

Glean insight into acing the exam in this Q&A from someone who’s done it

When it comes to conquering that ever-looming exam, you can learn a lot from a pass master. Corey Cines, CPA-exam success story and current associate at PwC, shares his secrets and insights into all things BEC, FAR, AUD and REG.

Post-exam: What's next?

The CPA Exam is in your rearview. Congrats! Have you considered what’s on the horizon?

Great! You passed. See what else is on the licensure checklist

The basic things you need before they’ll crown you CPA.

Get to know your state requirements for licensure

Wondering what it takes to get where you're going?

Want to teach? Get on track to educate future CPAs

Get on the track to educate future CPAs

Moving? Get answers to the most common CPA mobility questions

We asked an expert to help sort out what it looks like to be a CPA who works in multiple states over a career in the profession.