Becoming a Chartered Global Management Accountant

How to succeed in getting your CGMA designation

In today’s global economy, management accountants play a key role in helping businesses succeed. That’s why the AICPA partnered with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in 2012 to launch the Chartered Global Management Accountant—or CGMA® designation, to ensure CPAs working in this field of the profession receive the recognition they deserve.

In 2015, the AICPA and CIMA launched the CGMA Exam, which tests a candidate’s readiness to offer these critical insights and make decisions in real-world business solutions.

Adding the CGMA designation to your CPA shows the world that you have the finance and accounting skills — and strategic insight — to advance your organization's goals. It connects you to the pulse of the entire profession and helps you stand out from the competition with practical tools, research-based resources and professional development.

The nitty-gritty

After you add those three very important letters after your name (C-P-A), there are some things you should know so you can add C-G-M-A, too. To qualify for the designation, first you’ll need to be a licensed CPA and have at least Minimum 36 months of relevant management accounting experience, as defined by the CGMA Competency Framework.

If your big-picture thinking self sees management accounting in your future, this is the designation you’ll want on your resume. Since the designation’s launch, more than 50,000 CPAs in the United States have become CGMAs, and internationally there are nearly 150,000 management accountants with the designation.

So what’s on the test?

The CGMA Examination is a single three-hour computerized case study based exam that will test your theoretical knowledge as well as your ability to apply that knowledge in an open-ended format. In addition to demonstrating your technical expertise, the unique format of the CGMA Exam also allows you to showcase your abilities to communicate effectively, be a leader and efficiently solve complex problems. 

To help you get a sense of what the exam is like, the AICPA created — an an immersive, interactive simulation to give potential CGMA Exam candidates an opportunity to experience the types of tasks they’ll face on the real test, as well as in their day-to-day lives as real-life CGMAs.

Hungry for more information? In addition to the CGMA for a Day simulation, you can learn more about the CGMA at

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