Working and leading in a scholarly fashion

Learn about opportunities to network and improve your professional skills at the AICPA Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop.

There are times in life, friends, when it’s difficult to see the most fruitful path before us. And sometimes it’s a total cakewalk – like with the AICPA Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop. This all-expenses paid, annual invitational program for minority students will not only improve your professional skills and understanding of the CPA credential’s many benefits, it’ll also put you in touch with high-powered panelists and speakers who can guide you along throughout your career.

The catch

There really isn’t a catch. As long as you haven’t already gone to the workshop before, are a declared accounting, finance or tax major with a 3.0 GPA or better, planning to pursue the CPA credential, and will be a junior, senior, 5th-year student or graduate student in the upcoming academic year, you’re eligible to apply. (You’ll also need to be a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident and an ethnic minority.) You’re already actively involved in campus and community activities, right? That’s another important qualification.

All expenses paid, did you say?

Indeed. The AICPA covers the cost of student attendees’ transportation, hotel accommodations and meals, meaning that you’ll even get a good night’s sleep and a nice breakfast to help you concentrate on absorbing all this wisdom. And we hope you’re feeling absorbent – everyone at the workshop is fully focused on sharing what they know with you. Listen closely, and take notes. Make sure to join in the conversation, too, even if you’re a little overwhelmed at first.

Stock up on smartness

Past topics have included indispensable stuff like “Finding a Mentor” and “Acing the CPA Exam.” What’s more, the things you learn at the workshop can help you down the road in ways you may not even realize until it’s time to apply them. For instance, in those momentous two days you might take part in a case study competition – a competition that ends up being the perfect trial fun for a future, real-world project or discussion. And what if, say, you one day find yourself on the office team asked to plan a successful event for accounting students? “No sweat,” you’ll say. “I’m all over it.” After all, *somebody* is going to find the innovative solutions that address the biggest issues in the accounting profession. No reason it shouldn’t be you.

Making it count

Get in, and you’ll have a great time at the workshop. Remember that the application for the program will be posted online, on this website. If you’d like notification once it’s posted, just contact and ask nicely. Other than that, all we can tell you is to submit your best application possible, cross your fingers and – if you’re invited – bring along your open mind and willingness to learn. A spare banana from the hotel breakfast bar probably wouldn’t hurt, either.

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