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As you probably know by now, each of the 55 US jurisdictions has its own Board of Accountancy that is responsible for licensing the CPAs who practice in that state/jurisdiction.

Becoming a CPA


Some states require a CPA applicant to complete an Ethics course or Ethics exam before licensure. Contact your state’s board of accountancy to find out how you can fulfill this requirement.


You’ve probably gone over them several times by now, but before you officially apply for CPA licensure, you must confirm you’ve met your state’s requirements. Education, work experience, ethics and other requirements vary from state to state, and mobility privileges are specific to each state.


Applying for licensure is done through your state board of accountancy, which you can find on the web or via our state requirements engine. A small fee may be associated with getting licensed in most states.

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International licensure

You don't need to be in the US to become a CPA. Whether you're an international student or just hope to take the exam in another country, we've got the resources to help you prepare.

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Why CPA?
Why CPA?
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Salary information

As with any profession, salaries vary by geography, experience, education, and company size. But the consistent high demand for CPAs is good news for CPA salaries.

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State requirements

This chart is a breakdown of key state requirements (like citizenship and residency) you need to fulfill for licensure.