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Career Options

How to find your fit in accounting

Nearly every type of organization employs Accounting professionals. Learn how the CPA role varies between different industries, and how you can specialize your work based on your skills and interests.


From large to small, public to private, a wide range of work experience is available to you depending on the employer you choose. Discover what the top industries have to offer below.


Explore the possibilities that arise from starting in Accounting's biggest field


What it means to go in-house as a corporate CPA


How to combine your passion with your career by working at a nonprofit


Working part-time or full-time as an Accounting teacher


Learn the benefits of being a CPA for local, state, and the Federal government


Accounting consultants can work at a variety of companies, and on a range of projects


Find out the pros (and cons) of having your own Accounting practice


Once you become a licensed CPA, you'll have the ability to choose a specialization. While it's not mandatory, having an area of expertise boosts both your marketability and your salary. Learn more about the most in-demand specializations below.


Doing the detective work of investigating whether companies are operating ethically

Financial Forensics

Working inside—and outside—the courtroom by investigating cases of corporate fraud and bankruptcy

Information Technology

Using technology to solve business problems and improve efficiency

Business Valuation

Determining the true value of companies in advance of mergers and acquisitions

Personal Financial Planning

Helping individuals by strategically advising on savings, investments, and risk management


Navigating the ever-changing world of tax accounting


Combining financial analysis and business acumen to help companies grow

ESG & Sustainability

The burgeoning field of ESG accounting focuses on helping businesses improve sustainability.


Use accountancy as a springboard for business success.