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Maximize Your Education

Give yourself a head start

Completing an undergraduate program is an important first step in becoming a CPA. But school is about more than just completing your required courses.

Take advantage of school resources

Your school has a wealth of resources to help you along your way — we'll help you find and take advantage of them.

Build Purposeful Relationships with Faculty

Your professors can be a valuable resource, guiding you during your college years and helping you pave the way to internships at local firms and companies via recommendations and introductions.

Academic Advisors: Here to Help

From credits to career planning

Networking Groups

On any campus, there’s a long list of groups you can take part in. These – as opposed to sitting in your room alone – are guaranteed to help you meet people in your field and who share your interests.

Prepare for your career while in college

Did you know you can begin preparing for your career even while you're in college? Learn more here.

Tips from our AICPA Legacy Scholars

These successful accounting students are already preparing themselves for the working world.

State Society Student Membership

Learn why joining will make you more employable

Join the AICPA

The organization that's the authority on all things CPA

Learn more about opportunities on campus

There are lots of ways to get a head start on your time in school, even before Day 1.

Starting Off Strong: Freshman Year

How—and why—to stay focused during your first year

Technology Skills New Accountants Should Know

As it is with most industries and professions, technology is bringing changes to accounting and finance careers

Study Groups 101

How to put together an A+ group

Accounting Abroad: Benefits and Opportunities

Learn the perks of studying overseas