AICPA Student Affiliate Membership

AICPA Student Affiliate Membership

Maybe there *is* such a thing as a free lunch, after all

The inexpensive-yet-tasty benefits of Student Membership*

Becoming an AICPA Student Affiliate is something of a paradox – it’s free, it’s easy, and it takes all of five minutes to do, yet you still get mucho perks as soon as you sign up. As in:

  • You’re eligible to apply for scholarships that help you get into the CPA profession.
  • You get special discounts on conferences. (see sidebar for an example)
  • You also get exclusive offers and discounts through the Member Benefits Program. Partners include Dell, FedEx, Hertz, and many more.
  • You gain access to the AICPA News Update and CPA Letter Daily via email as well as the ability to access the online version of the Journal of Accountancy.

Plus there are the benefits that aren’t quite free, but almost, and mega-valuable. These keep you updated on the latest information profession members need, from the authoritative source:

  • Access to the Essential Audit &Accounting Research Collection for $75/year, formerly known as the reSOURCE e-library. (Regular member price is $469)
  • Access to online version of the Professional Standards, Tech Practice Aids and PCAOB Standards & Rules from the Essential Audit &Accounting Research Collection for $40/year. (Regular member price is $375)
  • Eligibility to purchase the online version of the Audit & Accounting Manual for $25. (Regular member price is $125)

Got all that? Good. Now get it – by signing up for your free membership.*

*The AICPA Student Affiliate membership is available for those who are full or part time students enrolled in a domestic or non-U.S. college or university.  If you do not fall into this category, take a look at other AICPA memberships here.

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Go get yourself something nice

Planning on gathering some knowledge (and connections) at a conference? Behold the world’s easiest way to keep a few hundred bucks squarely in your bank account: Become an AICPA Student Affiliate. Once you’ve signed up, for free we might add, you get $300 off the nonmember conference rate.