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Why CPA?

Becoming a CPA takes work and effort, but the benefits go far beyond job security and salary. You’re working to become an essential part of the business world.

What’s In it For You


higher salary than regular accountants

Becoming a CPA is an investment. CPAs have the potential to boost their earnings by $1 million of their lifetime compared to a non-CPA in the same position.

22% growth

in employment

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment for people with a CPA license is projected to grow by 22% between now and 2028.


and growing

When you earn your CPA you become a member of a an exclusive worldwide community of over a million strong

Worth the Work

Becoming certified is a lot like getting a law license. It’s proof that you've mastered the vital elements of your profession through years of academic and technical training. As a CPA, you’ll also have access to jobs with higher authority and responsibility — and you’ll enjoy greater career stability. Best of all, being a CPA allows you to do meaningful work with highly motivated and multi-talented people. CPAs get to pick from highly-specialized job functions, ranging from auditing to information technology. You can pursue jobs that will let you travel internationally — or find opportunities to give back through work for non-profit organizations.

Why CPA?

Career options

There are nearly as many ways to practice Accounting as there are reasons to become a CPA. Learn about the many options CPAs have when starting a career.

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Why CPA?
Why CPA?
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Salary information

As with any profession, salaries vary by geography, experience, education, and company size. But the consistent high demand for CPAs is good news for CPA salaries.

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