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If you want the letters C-P-A at the end of your name, then you’ll definitely want to join the organization that already has them at the end of theirs. AICPA is *the* leading professional organization for CPAs—plus they write the CPA Exam, so you obviously want to get to know them. Being an AICPA Student Affiliate Member means you’ll have access to tons of great stuff to help you get all the way to CPA. And best of all, it’s free.

AICPA Student Affiliate Members:

  • Are eligible to apply for exclusive scholarship opportunities and participate in member-only programs.
  • Get special discounts on not-to-be-missed conferences.
  • Have access to industry news and publications such as the AICPA News Update and CPA Letter Daily via email as well as the online version of the Journal of Accountancy.
  • Get exclusive discounts and offers on products and services from partners like Hertz, Dell, FedEx and many more.
  • Get super-valuable deals and access to the latest industry information at a fraction of even regular AICPA Member prices on:
    • Essential Audit & Accounting Research Collection for $75/year
    • AICPA Professional Literature Bundle—Professional Standards, Tech Practice Aids and PCAOB Standards & Rules—for $40/year (online only)
    • Audit & Accounting Manual for $25

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Well, there’s no time like the present to connect with über accounting-minded folks like yourself. ThisWayToCPA is the perfect place to pose questions, get answers, comment on articles and converse with fellow future CPAs and industry experts.

You can easily sign up for both memberships with one form and just a few minutes.

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*The AICPA Student Affiliate membership is available for those who are full or part time students enrolled in a domestic or non-U.S. college or university.  If you do not fall into this category, take a look at other AICPA memberships here.

somebody said

"It’s pivotal to find mentors to guide you – even if they have very different backgrounds from your own…A good mentor isn’t always easy to find. When you’re fortunate enough to establish this relationship, don’t let the opportunity pass."

- Adriana Rodriguez, California State University, Northridge