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Bank On It

The premier online accounting game brought to you by the AICPA.

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Thought up by students, for students, this interactive game will test your fundamental accounting knowledge, give you a taste of real-world scenarios and reinforce what you’re learning in the classroom.

Play Bank On It

Bank On It® has three versions:

  • FINANCIAL LITERACY: Covering topics all students need to master financial management skills in the real world including balancing a checkbook, understanding credit scores and investing in a startup company.
  • INTRODUCTORY ACCOUNTING: Covering business and industry, public accounting and nonprofit accounting fundamentals that students learn in most introductory accounting courses.
  • ADVANCED ACCOUNTING: Covering higher-level accounting concepts, including opportunities for students to analyze financial statements, pulled straight from the AICPA Accounting Program for Building the Profession (APBP)’s advanced accounting curriculum.