Sache Thomas

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Sache Thomas
UNC-Charlotte (Central Piedmont Community College)

Q: Tell me a little about yourself and how you decided to attend Central Piedmont Community College.

A: I’m originally from Birmingham, AL. We moved to the Charlotte, NC area when I was 12, and then moved around a bit after I graduated from high school – to Georgia, back to Alabama, and then back to Charlotte. I took a few community college classes, but we were moving a lot so I didn’t stay in one program or school for very long.

My older brother went to CPCC. He was the first one in our family to go to college, so I kind of followed his lead. I officially enrolled at CPCC when I was 23. At first it was a little overwhelming – the campus is huge, there’s lot of traffic and tons of people. I hung back a little my first semester and didn’t get involved in anything outside of class, but by my second semester I became more comfortable with the campus and my teachers and began joining clubs and tutoring other students.

Q: When did you decide to study accounting?

A: At the time that I was trying to decide what to major in, my mom was having some trouble finding work. I wanted to find a career doing something that I enjoy that will also allow me to help my mom if she ever needs anything – I don’t want her to have to struggle. And I knew that I was either going to focus on technology or accounting. I remember seeing movies where there were accountants, and I always thought their jobs seemed really cool. They are working with computers, tons of numbers – I’m an introvert so it seemed like an awesome thing to do!

When I took my first accounting class, I did really well and began tutoring other students in the class. I remember other students struggling in the course, but it came easily to me, so I felt like that was confirmation that this career was the right one for me.

Q: What do you like about accounting?

A: I like how systematic it is – that there won’t be a wild element of uncertainty. I love structure and organization. It’s something that I just understand, and something that I’m good at.

Q: What excites you about a career in accounting?

A: The starting salaries! Also, I kept hearing from people in the field that every business needs an accountant, so there will always be jobs. I also want a job that can go across borders. My minor is Japanese – I started teaching myself the language when I got into anime, and began picking up on words and phrases. I want to go work in Japan one day, and since accountants are needed everywhere, I know that I can both live abroad and work as an accountant. You can go into medical, education, business, corporate – you can go into any field you want as an accountant!