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  • 2018 Score Release Dates for CPA Exam

    Plan ahead for your 18-month timeline

    Sitting for the CPA Exam this year? Take note that there will be score holds for the Q2, Q3 and Q4 testing windows. Read >

  • CPAs across state lines

    Answers to the most common CPA mobility questions

    You're about to embark on the beginning of your accounting career, but you're not 100% sure where to first set up shop. We asked an expert to help sort out what it looks like to be a CPA who works in multiple states over a career in the profession. Read >

  • Four sections, four times the fun

    How the CPA Exam breaks down

    You probably already know that the CPA Exam is a four-part affair. You take one section at a time, and then move on to the next one, all over the... Read >

  • Conquer CPA exam studying

    Follow these tips to make every hour count

    Okay, let’s say you’re planning a hike. Let’s say it’s to the top of Mount Everest. You’re not going to wait to pack until the last minute, right? Of course... Read >

  • Free stuff

    Use these AICPA freebies to prepare for the exam

    As you prepare for the CPA Exam, it may not seem like the AICPA is your friend. We’ll admit it: it’s a tough test. A real friend wouldn’t give you... Read >

  • Around the world in four sections

    The scoop on CPA Exam testing internationally

    Now is a great time to become a CPA, no matter where you live. The accounting profession is thriving all around the globe, so it's only fitting that the CPA Exam follows suit. Read >

  • Become a CPA in the USA

    What to know as an international student

    So you want to cross borders or oceans and become a licensed CPA in the States? You can do that. The accounting profession is thriving all around the globe... Read >

  • Licensure checklist

    The basic things you need before they’ll crown you CPA

    So you passed the CPA Exam. What now? All that stands between you and your career as a practicing CPA is a state-issued license. If that sounds like you just... Read >

  • A word on CPA Exam reviews

    Should you invest in extra study help?

    Like every aspiring CPA, you’ve got a lot riding on the exam. The good news is that there are plenty of courses out there that can help. Classes, computer courses... Read >

  • A quick look at the Elijah Watt Sells Award

    How to join the CPA hall of fame

    Elijah Watt Sells is a name that makes recruiters drool and other CPAs’ jaws drop. Although there’s only one Elijah, the AICPA crowns a few new Elijah Watt Sells Scholars every year that get to name drop at their leisure in conversation and on their resumes. Read >

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